A weekend of snow adventures and celebrities with a lot of spark to boost the snow industry in its most difficult moment.


We offered celebrities like Arturo Valls and Perico Delgado, among others, a programme of activities in the snow with Audi and Salomon. Audi Salomon Quest VIP 2022!: ¡Audi Salomon Quest VIP 2022!

In Baqueira-Beret, our VIPs lived top-class experiences: they sampled the finest local food, enjoyed uncrowded skiing in the best resort in Spain and, best of all, they climbed into new Audi e-trons to test its electrifying performance in the snow.


The goal of the whole plan? Reactivate the snow sector after the harsh pandemic, always with sustainability and respect for the environment by the flag. In addition, of course, to offer e-tron experiences to the public of Baqueira.

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