Mobile World Congress


When you are a telecommunications giant, your presence at the most important trade show of the year must be up to the task. Telefónica's stand at MWC 2022 had to bring together technology, design, connections and endless possibilities to serve 70,000 visitors.

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Award GOLD Award in the category ‘Best product or service’

972m2 available but with no room for the slightest error.


Telefónica had a reserved area of up to 972m2 in which many actions had to take place in a very short time: demonstrations, presentations, screenings, meetings... The Mobile World Congress is the most important annual event of the year for Telefónica and for all companies in the telecommunications sector. The goal is always to outdo and surprise in a big way. And, as in all major events, nothing can go wrong.


More than a stand, an attraction.​​​​​

This marvel of ephemeral construction consisted of top-quality materials, state-of-the-art screens, an LED building, glass rooms and lots of action.


Mobile World Congress

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